What’s all this, then?

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Today’s Word of the Day is hoopla which means, “excited commotion or publicity.” This is one of those old-fashioned sounding words that I honestly haven’t heard anyone my age say. My mom uses the word a lot, as did my grandmother. One place I have heard it used a lot is on the news. They’ll refer to all the “hoopla” surrounding someone announcing their candidacy for President or if there’s a championship game for one of the major sports going on or if it’s Black Friday, and they’re talking about the throng of people outside the store(s) waiting to get in and buy whatever is on special sale for that day. I think it’s a cute word, myself. It almost sounds like a substitute word for a profanity. You know how some people say “darn” instead of “damn” or “fudge” instead of “fuck”? Well, this sounds like that. I’m not sure what word it would be replacing, though. Hmm.


You’re laying it on a little thick.


Those are very weird looking bricks. I’m curious what they’re made of. They don’t look like any bricks I’VE seen before.

Today’s Word of the Day is obsequious which means, “marked by fawning attentiveness.” I love this word. It’s the perfect piece of language to use to describe someone who is just oh so eager to tell you (or someone else) how wonderful and awesome and smart and attractive and perfect you are. All the time. Accepting compliments is difficult for me, even when I know they’re genuine, so I can’t imagine how insanely uncomfortable I’d be if I had someone or several someones following me around all the time, kissing my ass. I’d think you’d have to be a narcissist or somehow otherwise afflicted with a mental illness because at some point, it would get old and it would get tired.

Gee, sound like anyone we know?

Alright, drama queen.

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Today’s Word of the Day is emote which means, “to express emotion in a dramatic way.” I tend to think of someone emoting as someone really going overboard with their feelings, whether it’s loud, wailing cries or really loud, uncomfortable laughter. Someone who is clearly trying to get attention in some way. This to me, ties in well to elocution, which was something kids were actually taught in school back in the 1800s and early 1900s. Elocution is basically public speaking, but with hand/arm gestures. I assume it was very important to know if you were going into politics or any profession where speaking to crowds or large groups of people was part of the job requirement. Nothing says “expressing emotion in a dramatic way” quite like big sweeping arm movements and grotesque facial expressions to convey a point.

Better than the best.

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Today’s Word of the Day is prestigious which means, “esteemed in general opinion.” The Pulitzer Prize, for example, is an extremely prestigious award for journalism, literature, and photography. When I was younger, I wanted to win a Pulitzer Prize for journalism. I loved writing, and I had wanted to make that my career. However, while I love writing, I’m not as good a writer as I should be if I would want to be published, and obviously nowhere as good a writer as I should be if I wanted to win any awards for that writing. I write for myself now; I have this blog, and then I write fiction/prose just to work out ideas, feelings, or whatever that might be swirling around my head.

I’ve been pronouncing it wrong this whole time.

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Today’s Word of the Day is gibbous which means, “irregularly rounded.” You probably know this word from seeing it used in reference to the moon. A waxing gibbous is slowly becoming more and more illuminated on its way to being a full moon. A waning gibbous is slowly becoming less and less illuminated on its way to a last quarter moon. After that, it becomes a waning crescent. Now, the really funny thing about all of this is I bet 100% of people who see that word used in print, or even those who’ve said it out loud, have pronounced it “gib-us” with a “g” sound. Think “gibbon,” only with a different ending. It turns out it’s actually pronounced “jib-us” with a “j” sound. I know! Blew my mind. I’ve been saying it wrong my whole life. Kind of embarrassing because you wonder how many people knew I was saying it wrong and didn’t want to correct me to avoid embarrassing me and how many people didn’t know I was saying it wrong.

What other words did you discover late in life you’d been mispronouncing ever since you were old enough to say them?

It doesn’t get any better.

Today’s Word of the Day is apotheosis which means, “the perfect form or example of something.” No one will ever accuse me of being the apotheosis of anything, except maybe that of a neurotic or hypochondriac. Those I’m pretty good at. I wish I wasn’t, I think I’d be healthier mentally and physically if I was less stuck in my own head about everything all the time, but sadly, I am. Do you know who (or what) is the perfect form or example of something? Led Zeppelin. Now, y’all know I love my 70s rock, particularly classic rock, and Led Zeppelin is one of the few groups from that entire decade I’d pay money to see live today if they suddenly went back on tour. I hope you have about 10 minutes because that’s how long it’ll take to listen to today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection. They were known for the long cuts, and this one is one of their longest. For your rocking out with your cock out pleasure, here is “Achilles Last Stand.” Enjoy!

Ah, l’amour.

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Today’s Word of the Day is heartstring which means, “the deepest emotions or affections.” With today being Valentine’s Day and all, this is the perfect word, I think. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, mostly because I’m currently single but also because I think the idea of a commercially-driven day to celebrate the people you love is kind of tacky. You shouldn’t need to be prompted to buy your special someone some flowers or a nice gift or a box of chocolates or anything, really. You should do it because you want to, not because the calendar will shame you if you don’t. I remember as a kid, passing out valentines to classmates because the rule was, if you bought for one, you had to buy for all, and there really is nothing worse than getting a valentine from someone you either don’t know well or don’t like, all because the teacher insisted. Now, candy and those little conversation hearts? You can give me those any day.

I also thought for a nice Valentine’s Day bonus, I’d share one of my favorite Kylie Minogue songs which just so happens to line up nicely with today’s Word of the Day. Enjoy your overpriced chocolates!



This is the exact face I make whenever I hear that damn Jethro Tull song.

Today’s Word of the Day is cacophony which means, “harsh or discordant sound.” Growing up, we lived in apartments, not a house, which meant we had neighbors above and below us, not to mention, there wasn’t a ton of space between rooms. Listening to music, watching TV or movies, even having friends over, you had to be quiet, otherwise people would complain. When we moved into our first house, way back in June of 2001 when life didn’t suck and I could still charitably call myself a teenager (I was nineTEEN), it was a wonder to not have neighbors on top of us. I could listen to music loud (well, louder) without disturbing anyone, and if I wanted to have friends over for a party, I didn’t have to worry about the people downstairs banging on their ceiling with a broomstick to shut us up. Of course, that also meant my dad was free to listen to his music as loud as he wanted, and while we have similar tastes in music, I really didn’t enjoy hearing Jethro Tull’s “Bungle in the Jungle” at 500 decibels over and over again.

I rather call it having a sophisticated palate.

Picky eaters may have psychological problems, according to health study

I don’t know what she’s complaining about. That looks pretty good.

Today’s Word of the Day is finicky which means, “very particular in taste or standards.” I am an incredibly picky eater. There is a list a mile long of foods I won’t eat, either because they sound disgusting, look disgusting, or smell disgusting. I fully admit that I’m finicky when it comes to food. So, there’s a lot I don’t or won’t eat, foods I know other people love, including people in my own family. A good example of this is cottage cheese. My parents and my sister love it, meanwhile, I think it looks like a yeast infection. If I saw that in my underpants, I’d high-tail it to the gynecologist. I cannot understand how people put in their mouth, chew, then swallow. It’s so fucking gross. So, when people criticize me and say I’m picky, I accept the compliment.

Are you a picky eater? What won’t you eat no matter how much people around you say it’s amazingly wonderful and delicious?

Mr. (or Ms.) Know-it-All.

Today’s Word of the Day is wiseacre which means, “a smart aleck.” I’ve been called this more than a few times growing up by my parents. Unfortunately, well for them anyway, I’m pretty sarcastic, and as such, I could be rather sharp when my parents told me to do something I didn’t want to do. I’m still like that now, but I’m far less acerbic with them than I used to be. I do consider it a point of pride, however, that I can shut down a conversation I don’t want to take part in without using vulgarity or putting my hands on anyone. So, there’s that. I had a hard time thinking of a song to use that related in some way to today’s word. I hate when that happens because I rather enjoy getting it spot on every Friday. Therefore, I decided to go the random route. I recently got turned back on to this song, having loved it when I was younger, when it first came out. I heard it again on the radio a couple of weeks ago and was immediately flooded with memories of trying to tape it off the radio whenever I thought they might be playing it next. For today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection, I give you “Should’ve Known Better” by Richard Marx. Enjoy!