Happy Eclipse Day!


Please don’t damage your eyes by staring directly at the eclipse. Use special glasses or put a solar lens on your camera to take photographs.

As a science/astronomy nerd, I love shit like this. I’ve seen lunar eclipses several times, as they’re more common, but I’ve never seen a total solar eclipse. I remember a partial solar eclipse being viewable in Chicago when was probably 8 or 9 years old…we made special pinhole viewers to see it, but aside from watching them online when they happen elsewhere in the world, I’ve never seen a total solar eclipse here in the United States. The last one to occur in its entirety here was 1918, so very few people alive right now, if any at all, remember the last one. I live in North Carolina, and the path of totality actually goes through South Carolina, specifically Charleston and Columbia, but we’re close enough that we should see 90-95% of it. Thankfully the weather here is going to hold up and we’ll have clear skies. If you haven’t been able to go out to the middle of nowhere to watch totality happen, as that’s a very narrow swath of land, here’s a map to show you where you’ll be able to see at least some of it:


That red line is the path of totality, and where I live, it’s pretty damn close to that red line. Obviously the further away from that red line you are, the less of it you’ll see. Remember to get special glasses or make a pinhole camera, and if you live in the path of totality, totality (when the moon completely obscures the sun) is the only time you can take your glasses off and look at it directly. Once the moon starts moving away, you’ll have to put them back on. Happy viewing!!

Repeat after me, boys and girls….

One thing I both hated and loved when I was in grammar school (For those outside the United States, in most parts of the country, grammar school is K-8; other parts of the country split that up into elementary school, which is K-5, and middle school, which is 6-8.) was having to memorize something, like a passage from a book or text, and then recite it back to the class. I hated it because I always stressed myself out over whether I’d remember it precisely, and I loved it because I enjoyed getting it right. I don’t know if it’s changed since then, but when I went to grammar school (and high school) in Illinois, in order to graduate you had to pass both the Illinois Constitution test and the U. S. Constitution test, and for the U. S. Constitution test, you had to recite the preamble, which isn’t the easiest piece of text to memorize. You only had one chance to get it right too, so if you screwed up anywhere, you’d have to take the test over the summer…which meant you didn’t graduate on time. Talk about pressure. Fortunately, I didn’t know anyone either in 8th grade or when I was a Senior in high school that had to retake the test.


I love when they’re this easy.

Sometimes on Fridays, I struggle to think of a song that works well with the prompt for the day. I try to make them match up if I can, and I’d like to think most of time since I’ve introduced this feature, I’ve done a good job. What I really enjoy are the Fridays when the Daily Prompt literally hands me a song idea. Kind of like it’s smacking me in the face. Today is a great example of that. I mean, the prompt is “solitary.” Who else could I choose for today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection than the Jewish Elvis himself, Neil Diamond? Enjoy!


Like sands through the hourglass…


If only each grain of sand corresponded to a year of life.

Do you ever get the feeling that time is going by too fast? One minute you’re in high school, then the next you’re in your 30s? I feel that way all the time. I don’t know where the last 17 years went, but I’d love to do them over if I could. There’s a lot I’d do different or better or not at all. I mean, I’m closer to 50 than I am to 18. If I think about that too long, I make myself sick, but still. There it is.

Do any of you have those moments as well? Moments where you wonder how and why life started flying by you?


Always have a reason.

I love the word “willy-nilly” because it’s whimsical, and there isn’t enough whimsy in the world right now. That said, as whimsical as I think it is, it doesn’t really describe me. I don’t do things on a whim, or capriciously, or even all that spontaneously. Something I consider both a positive and a negative about myself is that I’m very ordered. Nothing is put away or stored away all “willy-nilly.” I have a system, well, maybe not a system, but I like to know where things are, so if I need them or want them, I know where they are. A good way to give me grief is put something back where you didn’t find it, thereby causing me to tear my room (or house) apart looking for it when I invariably need it later on.




credit to @bmainzer on Twitter

As an American, to say I was horrified by what happened yesterday in Virginia is an understatement. My great-great uncle was killed liberating Europe from the Nazis in WWII, and if he was still alive to see pitched battles between Nazis and actual human beings on the streets of America today, he’d die from shame. You know that I don’t often get political on my blog, only because I feel there are other writers who do it far better and far more eloquently than I can, and I tend to keep my political commentary to my Twitter feed, and if you follow me there, you’ll know that, but something like this is an event that demands conversation, no matter what.

Donald Trump refusing to outright condemn these people, to say nothing of saying there is violence, bigotry, and hatred on “many sides”, a low point in a Presidency already littered with low points, to quote Jon Favreau, doesn’t surprise me. He needs their votes. It’s the same reason he’ll never criticize Vladimir Putin. He’s so in debt to Russian banks, mobsters, and oligarchs, if he dares to criticize him, he’ll get a polonium milkshake with his KFC. Is that disappointing? It’s more than disappointing. But it’s not surprising. Donald Trump’s entire candidacy was based on a tacit understanding that he supported the white supremacist/neo-Nazi movement, and he’s done nothing so far to counteract that. The Justice Department closed task forces meant to monitor right-wing hate groups. You know, like the animals we saw yesterday in Virginia.

It’s easy to blame Trump voters for this, but they weren’t the majority of voters, nor did he win the popular vote. No, I put the blame for this squarely at the feet of the 94 million Americans who didn’t vote, the people who bought into the bullshit that Hillary Clinton was just as bad as Donald Trump, so why bother. Really? Are you thinking that now? There’s no excuse for ignorance and apathy. I can hate Trump voters, but at least they voted. They got off their asses, looked at the candidates offered, and picked one. It wasn’t the right choice, but it was still a choice. The lazy, the indifferent, the can’t-be-bothered…those people I really dislike. Thanks. Thanks a whole lot. We wouldn’t be where we are now as a country if Hillary Clinton were President, and that’s a 100% stone-cold fact. I hope you can live with yourselves.

Clutter be gone!


This right here would be my dream wall. Yes, I’m boring. How could you tell?

I LOVE BEING ORGANIZED. Yes, I’m that person. I dislike messiness. Even when I was a kid, I never had to be told to clean my room because it was already basically picked up. I’m not super-OCD about it, in the sense that I won’t clean your house or apartment if I’m invited over, but for my own space, I want things to be neat. My closet is organized, my dresser drawers are organized, my bookshelves and other storage devices are organized…it’s important for me to know where things are if I want to find them, and if I have to spend more than 5 minutes looking for something, it means it’s not where it should be. If I look to my left, I see one of my bookshelves, and not only are the books organized by topic, they are alphabetical by author AND chronological, if I have more than one book by that author. You too can be as cool as me in just a few easy steps.


Call me confuzzled.

The prompt today is “Delivery,” and since it’s also Musical Interlude Friday, I tried to think of a song or several songs that somehow match up well with said prompt. First, I thought of some foods that normally people get delivered, like pizza and Chinese, but no songs came to mind. Then I thought about the other thing that goes along with delivery, that being babies, and while I know more than a few songs with the word “baby” in the title, none of them have to do with actually giving birth. So. I guess my final answer is, here’s today’s selection that only tangentially has anything to do with the prompt. Enjoy!


You all know “the look.”


When a baby is giving you side eye, you know you done fucked up.

If you have a mom, then you know what “the look” is. My mom only ever had to do it once for my sister and I to figure out that we ought to knock off what we were doing, lest “the look” become “the look + our full name,” and that was never a good thing. Fortunately, and I think our mom would agree, my sister and I were not bad kids. We did the typical kid things like roughhoused, played loud, broke a few things (like my sister’s collarbone, but no matter how hard she tries to pin it on me, she should have stopped moving around like I told her to), and generally acted naughty a time or two, but other than that, we weren’t troublemakers. The funny thing is, I’m 35 and she’ll be 30 in December, but our mom can still level us with “the look” if she thinks we’re acting stupid.  It must be a mom thing.


Look below the cut for yesterday’s prompt, which I forgot to do, being the dunderhead that I am.


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…or is it Merry-go-Round?


Am I the only one who, as an adult, finds the faces of the horses creepy? No?

When I was a little girl, I loved riding the carousel (or merry-go-round) when my parents would take my sister and I to carnivals or amusement parks. I never liked riding on the horses though, I always rode in the little bench seats that were scattered on it. My sister loved the horses. Still does, actually. I’m sure if she could, even at the age of 30, she’d hop right on and laugh at everyone laughing at her. She’s carefree like that. Now that I’m older, the few times a year my sister and I go to carnivals or state fairs, I don’t get on the carousel. I like the ferris wheel and that’s about it. Give me the ferris wheel and a big funnel cake covered in powered sugar and chocolate syrup, and I’m good.

As a special bonus, here are The Hollies singing a song written about this very topic. Enjoy!