How many in your party tonight?

Today’s Word of the Day is maître d’ which means, “the headwaiter of a dining room staff.” I can’t remember the last time I ate at a sit-down restaurant. It’s been at least two years, that much I know. If I get food from a restaurant now, I get it to-go and eat it at home. I don’t feel comfortable eating in public yet. Yeah, I’m vaccinated, and I’ll get my booster shot when I’m eligible, but still. I’m looking forward to being able to do it again, though! On that note, for today’s Musical Interlude Friday: Black Friday Edition, I thought I’d pick a song that works well for power-walking around the mall, looking for great Christmas deals. Wait, are malls still a thing? Here is “Been Caught Stealing” by Jane’s Addiction. Enjoy!

(don’t shoplift, boys and girls. pay for your items like a responsible person.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today’s Word of the Day is jovial which means, “cheerful or full of happiness and joy.” I certainly hope all of you have a very jovial Thanksgiving today, filled to the brim with all the people and foods you love. I also hope it’s a safe Thanksgiving this year, which is the same thing I wished everyone last year. Don’t argue politics, religion, money, or COVID at the dinner table. Don’t invite people with toxic beliefs or opinions. Life’s too short to spend the day with people you don’t like because you’ve been made to feel like you have to. Eat plenty of turkey, and be sure to save room for the pie!

Only on the outside.

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Today’s Word of the Day is feign which means, “to give a false appearance of.” Sad to say, I’ve gotten rather good over the years at feigning interest in any number of things because it keeps the peace. I can listen to my conservative family members discuss politics and tune most of it out while not looking like I’ve tuned anything out, and frankly, in today’s climate, I consider that a prime survival skill. Sometimes you have to put on a little act to get people to shut up quicker. As an aside, if you’re spending Thanksgiving tomorrow with people who you don’t agree with on much, if anything, set some hard and fast rules for the dinner table that include no discussion of politics, religion, or money. Those things shouldn’t be discussed at the dinner table no matter the time of year, but especially over the holidays. You’ll be happier for having done it. Trust me.

‘Tis the festive season.

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Monday’s Word of the Day was roister which means, “to engage in noisy partying or celebration.” Well, maybe not on November 22, you shouldn’t. I know a couple of people born on that day, and it’s, well, not the best day to have a birthday. I’m not suggesting you be dour and sullen, dressed in black, but it’s a day of historical importance, at least here in the US. If you live in another country, Monday was just Monday. Anyway, this is the right time of year for lots of roistering, only, be sure to roister responsibly. Don’t drink and drive, don’t put lit candles near the Christmas tree, and don’t deep-fry the Thanksgiving turkey if you don’t know how to do it safely.

A little too harsh, don’t you think?

Today’s Word of the Day is draconian which means, “cruel or severe.” When I learned this word way back when I was a young Designer Sophisticate, I overused this. I used it to describe any punishment or outcome that I didn’t like, even if it wasn’t actually cruel or severe in comparison to an alternative. As such, my parents actually banned me from using this word in conversation for several years. LOL. I resisted telling them I found that draconian of them. I felt that would have inflamed things. For today’s Musical Interlude Friday, I picked a song that, well, you’ll get it. Here is “Don’t Be Cruel” by Elvis Presley. Enjoy!

Finally caught up!

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Today’s Word of the Day is amity which means, “friendship or friendly relations.” Yes, you got four, count ’em FOUR blog posts from me today, and that’s mostly because I bookmark the Word of the Day tweets, then get to them when I have time. I try not to let it get that bad, but hey. Life happens. Whenever I hear this word, I think of “The Amityville Horror,” a movie based on the experiences of a family that moved into a house made famous for a mass-murder. I’ve never seen it because horror movies aren’t my thing, but I know the story it’s based on, and it’s as gruesome as you think it is. In the film, the house is possessed, and the two attic windows glow red to make them appear to be eyes peering out into the darkness. I would imagine for most people of a certain age, when they hear the word “amity”, either that comes to mind or the town in the movie “Jaws.”

We can work it out.

Yesterday’s Word of the Day was negotiate which means, “to bring about through discussion.” Both sides coming together to hash something out or iron out the details, essentially. I would, however, amend the definition to include the expression “in good faith” because if you’re negotiating with someone or with a company with bad intentions or with something less than everyone’s best interests in mind, is it really a negotiation? On that note, as a special bonus Musical Interlude Thursday, how about we listen to The Beatles song that inspired the blog title? Enjoy!

I wasn’t serious.

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Tuesday’s Word of the Day was facetious which means, “joking often inappropriately or meant to be funny.” I think “facetious” is one of those things a lot of people aim for but seldom reach. I also think it’s one of those words, much like “ironic,” that people think they know the meaning to, but in reality, don’t. You know, you’ll hear someone make a rude or really disgusting joke, then when people call them out on it, say they were only being facetious, they didn’t really mean it. We like to call those people “Schrodinger’s Asshole,” where the reaction of the people around them determines whether they say it was serious or meant to be funny. Don’t be that person.

Into another dimension.

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Monday’s Word of the Day was wormhole which means, “a theoretical tunnel joining points in space and time.” I love whenever the Word of the Day is something space-related or even science fiction-esque. Do wormholes exist? I don’t know, maybe. Given that we only know approximately 5-10% of what the known universe contains, it’s possible there’s a whole host of fun and crazy shit in the other 90%. I’d like to think they do, honestly. Wouldn’t be fun to fall into one and end up in an alternate universe, maybe one where COVID doesn’t exist, or where a certain tangerine-hued moron didn’t exist? How about an alternate universe where the Beatles didn’t break up or John Bonham didn’t die or Elvis didn’t get addicted to drugs and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Sounds like fun, huh?

Like bedrock.

Today’s Word of the Day (well, yesterday’s) is steadfast which means, “firm in belief or loyal to a cause.” I didn’t think I could do anything with today’s actual Word of the Day, so I’m using yesterday’s for my blog post. I hope you don’t mind. When it comes to politics, I am very, very steadfast in my beliefs. They don’t waver for anyone or anything. I understand that flexibility is a good thing and that it’s not wise to be totally unyielding all the time, but for some things, I just cannot ever see myself suddenly doing a heel turn and changing my mind. I’m the same way with some foods, music, and books. For example, if you don’t like Led Zeppelin, I’m not sure we can be friends. They’re one of my “ride or die” bands, and I’ve been a fan ever since I was probably 12 or 13 years old and first heard “Get the Led Out” on WLUP, Chicago’s classic rock station. Every night at 7 o’clock, they’d air three (or was it five?) Led Zeppelin songs in a row, and that’s how I got into their music. On that note, for today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection, here is Led Zeppelin performing “In My Time of Dying” from their 2007 reunion concert. It’s over 11 minutes long, so buckle up. Enjoy!