This should be interesting……

I haven’t had a personal blog in a long, long time.  I blog about the New York Yankees, over at Yankees Chick, but I’ve only recently come back to that after a three-year hiatus.  Otherwise, while I enjoy the idea of blogging, sometimes I find myself bereft of something to say.  What’s kind of funny about that is that I’m highly opinionated, so it would stand to reason that I’d enjoy rambling on and on about this thing or that thing. 

A word of warning for people coming across this blog in the coming days, weeks, and months — I’m a liberal and an atheist, so my politics may not be to your taste.  I don’t outright bash Republicans or religion, but I will if I think it’s warranted.  Discussion, conversation, back-and-forth is always appreciated, comments insulting/slamming/flaming me are not.  I wield a heavy hammer and will ban anyone who can’t play nice from commenting in the future.

I’ll try to update every day, or at least twice a week, whichever one becomes more feasible.  On that note, go forth and enjoy. 



  1. Jeyna Grace · August 6, 2014

    Welcome back!


  2. bfrauen1 · August 8, 2014

    Thank you! Like I said, I’m going to try and update twice a week at least, because if I don’t, knowing me, I won’t update it for weeks at a time, and I really want to avoid that happening.


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