My self-esteem would enjoy the pick-me-up.

I’m not a particularly vain person, as most overweight, unattractive people normally aren’t, so if I woke up one morning to find there were no more mirrors left on Earth, I don’t think I’d be affected by it too much.  I usually only bother with a mirror on the rare instances I put on makeup, but most of what I do wear I can still put on without it, such as concealer and a little powder.  Without the ability to be able to check and see if what I’m wearing is fitting me properly, I’ll have to rely on asking friends or family if hems are straight, if there are any rips/tears anywhere, and if anything clashes.  Doing my hair might be the only real trouble, because I can’t straighten my hair without a mirror, especially when tackling the rat’s nest in the back, so I’ll have to give that up and just throw my hair into a high bun or ponytail, leaving it curly.  That’s how my everyday routine would change.

How would my perception of myself change?  I suppose if I wasn’t able to constantly look at myself in the mirror and critique all of my perceived flaws, I’d think better of myself.  If you don’t see it, you can trick yourself into believing it’s not there.  I’ve always had a very low opinion of myself, which endlessly irritates people who know me because they hate listening to me talk myself down, so without the ability to constantly judge myself, not to mention the inability of others to judge me, because they don’t know what they look like either, I might actually be a happier person overall.

Maybe this “lack of mirrors” suggestion isn’t so bad after all.



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  2. grieflessons · August 31, 2014

    A sincere appraisal of the question. Thanks for this…Judy


  3. ripplesnreflectiontimes · August 31, 2014

    I think its nice!!!


  4. Monica · August 31, 2014

    I sorta feel the same way…


  5. Po' Girl Shines · September 1, 2014

    Enjoyed your post! Why do you think you feel this way about yourself? I am not vain, but I try to be the best me I can because I know no one has ever really been for me in my life. This is what has given me the strength to be kind to myself and even in my 60’s I still try to believe my best years are in front of me. I come from an abusive, neglectful upbringing that caused me to accidentally be picked out as a spouse to a very cold, abusive man who I divorced many years ago. I try to be good to myself but don’t always wear makeup myself cause I think I look OK without it. I swear more people talk to me when I’m out and about in no makeup and my garden clothes than when I try to fix myself up. 😉

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  6. janeydoe57 · September 2, 2014

    I agree on several points; I usually only look in the mirror when putting on my sunscreen/moisturizer to be sure I don’t miss anywhere. A couple of skin cancer scares will do that. Okay, and when I do my hair. I don’t straighten my waves but I do like to be sure it’s not sticking up in weird ways. Not being able to see the sagging jaw or the laugh lines around my eyes would be a mixed blessing. I wouldn’t miss the jawline but I LIKE my laugh lines. I earned those fair and square! 😀


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