Anything involving children.

I have no patience whatsoever with little kids, even slightly older kids, so being a teacher or any other kind of child care specialist is absolutely out of the question.  Don’t take that the wrong way; I have nothing but respect for teachers, as I think their jobs are ridiculously hard, not to mention grossly undervalued.  My sister is a 7th grade Language Arts/Social Studies teacher, and she works her ass off for less pay than she deserves.  My reservations about it stem from the fact that I have a short fuse, and the first time I asked a student to do something and they outright refused, I’d have to leave the room to avoid throwing a stapler against the wall.  You might say, “How about teaching high schoolers?  They’re not as stroppy as grade schoolers.”  Well, yes, you’re right, they can be…..but they can also be worse.  I’m overweight, and being a former high school student, teenage girls can be some of the cruelest animals on the planet, and my self-esteem is already approaching the barometer on the Titanic, so the last thing I’d need to do is take on a position somewhere that affords me the privilege of feeling even worse about myself than I already do.  If I didn’t have these issues, I’d probably find teaching as rewarding as my sister does, but as it is, I look at her and can’t imagine how she does it.  She’s had more than a few obnoxious, obstreperous students over the last three years that would make me just quit and become a hermit, yet she keeps plugging away.  Some people have a gift for it, and I don’t…..she does.

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  1. disappearingwoman · October 6, 2014

    Great post! Kudos to your sister–7th grade is literally the 7th circle of hell! I lived my nightmare job of being an elementary school teacher in the 90s and early 2000’s. This is the time when all of the crack babies in my area were finally old enough for elementary school, as well as the beginning of the elderly parenting generation–meaning parents who waited until their very late forties to early 50s to have their first child. These parents were financially and materially established, so they had little else to think about other than their preciously spoiled, amazingly “gifted” snowflake of an offspring. While the crack-spawn drove me crazy with their behavior, the parents of the non-crack baby, spoiled kids drove me crazier with their helicoptering. I took a break from teaching about 10 years ago and it was the best decision ever. I still have real nightmares that I’m back in the classroom unable to control the students–I wake up with my heart racing!
    That all being said, I do have some very wonderful memories of my years of teaching that include normal, nice parents and sweet kids. Still, I wouldn’t go back unless I had to! 🙂


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