Doctor Who Review — Episode 3: Robot of Sherwood

Hmm.  How do I feel about this episode?  If I’m honest, I wasn’t entirely a fan of it.  I understand that each series is going to have a more lighthearted, fun episode, as opposed to the previous two episodes to this series, Deep Breath and Into the Dalek, but Robot of Sherwood was maybe a little too fun.  I do however, think it was an important episode, in that it demonstrated that Capaldi’s Doctor was not going to be all dark, somber tones, essentially Malcolm Tucker minus the swearing.  Next week’s episode is most assuredly going to be like that, because that’s where Capaldi really excels, even though Malcolm Tucker was a comedic role that won him more than a few industry awards. 

Back to the episode, though.  It opened with Clara wanting to meet one of her heroes, the legendary Robin Hood.  The Doctor of course, found this to be completely ridiculous, trying to convince her that he wasn’t real, that it was just a story cobbled together about many different people.  As we quickly discovered though, Robin Hood was indeed real, as were his Merry Men.  One of the themes throughout was heroes and how they’re perceived, with Robin telling the Doctor at the end that they both had more in common than he might have thought.  As Robin began telling the story of a man born into wealth and privilege, yet found the plight of the weak and impoverished too hard to ignore, we assume, much like the Doctor did, that Robin was talking about himself.  Then Robin talked about how one day, that man stole a TARDIS to go traveling about the universe and stars, and we learn that Clara told him about who the Doctor was, and that to him, he was her hero.

Overall, I gave it an 8/10, as the things I didn’t care for about it really weren’t that dreadful, just not for me.  I like the darker stuff, and I’ll be getting plenty of that, so a lighter romp of an episode for people that don’t always like the heavy stuff wasn’t going to kill me.  I do look forward to Listen next week, though.  Yowza.  BTW, am I the only one who finds Peter Capaldi absurdly attractive?  Yes?  Anyone?


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