Goodbye, Stranger.

If some stranger approached me out of the blue and asked for my name, I would not give it to them, but for the sake of this prompt, let’s say I did.  If afterward they said they’d been looking for me, I’d slowly get up, and begin to walk away.  I would do this for two reasons.  One, I don’t know you.  I’ve never seen you before in my life, and it’s highly unlikely that someone who has been looking for me would not already know my name.  It’s rather hard to find someone whose name you don’t know.  Two, I’m wary of people I don’t know, especially people that approach me under the auspices of needing me for something.  Call me cynical, call me misanthropic, every red flag in existence would go up in my head, bells would be sounding, alarms would be going off, lights would be flashing.  I have no desire to end up the lead story on the evening news.  Does that sound bad?  Yeah, it does.  I don’t actually believe every single person I don’t know has nefarious intentions, and that if they approach me, they’re meaning to do me harm, but in that exact moment, I immediately began distancing myself from that person, if not physically, then verbally.

I have friends, though not many, so it’s not impossible for me to strike up conversation with someone I don’t know and have it go somewhere, but something about the way the situation was framed in this case would make me the exact opposite of comfortable.


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