I suppose when I came back to blogging after a long absence, I didn’t articulate just what it was I wanted to get out of it, or even, who I was……though I’ve spoken at length about a few things about me that color my perceptions and views of things.  My About page does a good job of talking about myself in more biographical terms, but to answer the question of what I want to get out of this blog, I suppose I would like to be able to better articulate what I’m thinking, share those thoughts, then have other people comment on them.  I already talk about whatever pops into my head, so the parameters of my blog’s scope are quite wide.  Politics, music, television, sports, religion….it doesn’t matter.  After a year, I’d like to see a nice chunk of posts that talk about something important to me, but have it be written in a style that other people can relate to and appreciate.

Tell me what you think!

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