Queen of the Picky Eaters

I’m extremely particular about the food I eat.  If it doesn’t sound appetizing, I won’t eat it.  If it doesn’t look appetizing, I won’t eat it.  If it doesn’t smell appetizing, I won’t eat it.  I don’t like certain combinations of food that are rather popular, like fruit and chocolate.  No chocolate-dipped strawberries for me.  I’ll take either one or the other, not both.  Same goes for fruit in any dish that’s not dessert.  I love sweet and sour shrimp, but please don’t put strawberries and pineapples in the sauce you toss the shrimp in, then put it on my plate.  I always have to pick them out.  I hate mint, tolerating it only as far as my mouthwash and toothpaste is concerned, since I don’t eat or drink either of those.  Mint and chocolate together?  Eww.  I don’t like blue cheese, because not only does it look disgusting, the blue in the cheese is mold, and it smells awful.  I don’t like mayonnaise, except in teeny, tiny amounts mixed with tuna fish to make tuna salad.  I like eating non-melted cheese, as long as it’s a white cheese like mozzarella or provolone.  Cheddar or American cheese has to be melted before I’ll eat it.  I don’t like butter on bread, a biscuit, or anything else like that unless it’s melted.  I can’t stand the idea of putting unmelted butter in my mouth.  Let’s see, I don’t eat cottage cheese because it looks like something women go see a gynecologist about.  I don’t eat organs, like liver, gizzards, or tripe.  I could probably taken up another 700 words detailing all the foods I won’t eat and why I won’t eat them.

On the flip side of this, there aren’t many vegetables or fruits I won’t eat.  I’ve yet to come across more than a handful of either I don’t like.


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