Never be afraid to be yourself.

Do I hide my madness or let it show?  If we choose to interpret “madness” as “whatever you are,” then I’d say no, I don’t hide it.  I’m am what I am (thank you, Popeye), and I’ve never made any bones about concealing it.  I’m an atheist, I’m a liberal, I’m a New York Yankees fan, I’m a bookworm, I’m an introvert…..I’ve never felt the urge to lie about any of that in order to please someone or make someone want to be my friend.  I figure if I have to radically change who I am on a fundamental level just so we can see eye to eye, there’s really nothing for us to talk about, is there?  I don’t know if that was the true aim or intention of Ginsberg’s line, but that’s how I’ve always chosen to interpret it, ever since the first time I read the poem back in high school.  I think he was talking about finding the peace within yourself to be free to be whatever you were, no matter what it was, and it’s something that’s just as true now as it was back then, and it always will be.



  1. loupmojo · October 3, 2014

    Sometimes there isn’t a safe option even if you want to be yourself; it could cost you everything, but for the most part, for the lucky, yes, be yourself to the fullest possible you!


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