Doctor Who Review — Episode 7: Kill The Moon

This episode pissed me off.  Not because it was bad, actually, it was damn good, just like nearly every episode we’ve seen so far this series.  Rather, it pissed me off because Clara Oswald as been progressively getting worse and worse as a character, the more episodes go by.  I preface that by saying it’s preferable to how she was written in Series 7B, which was essentially that of a manic pixie dream girl that had no character, no backstory, nothing to make you interested in her, other than the fact the Doctor felt she was a mystery to be solved.  Now, she’s an insufferable cow with a boyfriend who’s been poorly written, to the point where I don’t care if off-screen, he gets eaten by a wolf.

In Kill The Moon, Clara browbeats the Doctor into taking Courtney, the precocious teenager from The Caretaker, on a trip in the TARDIS with them.  They end up on the moon, where astronauts there have been given a difficult assignment; destroy the moon to save humanity.  The drama gets ratcheted up when the Doctor decides to bow out of deciding what to do about it, saying that humanity (the astronauts, Courtney, and Clara) should decide what to do, not him.  So, he leaves them to it.  He shouldn’t have done it.  I understand why he did it, believing that it wasn’t his place to play God, so to speak, but it ended up backfiring on him, as we’ll find out later.  Clara appeals to Earth, asking them what she should do, and everyone agrees that blowing up the moon, killing the living creature who inhabits it, is the prudent venture.  Clara on the other hand, does not think that’s what they should do, and overrides their decision.  It turns out that when the moon “exploded”, for lack of a better word, and a dragon-like creature flies away, a new moon takes its place, meaning there was never any danger to humanity in the first place….and the Doctor had some vague idea of that.  Hence what happens at the end of the episode.  Clara, the Doctor, and Courtney return to Earth where Courtney is promptly dropped off, and Clara lays into the Doctor, demanding to know what he knew about the situation, threatening to slap him so hard he’ll regenerate if he doesn’t tell her.

I hate this.  I hate this because you’d never see it in reverse.  If the Doctor threatened to slap Clara so hard she’d pass out or somehow be seriously injured, the BBC’s phone lines would go into meltdown mode.  Add into the mix the fact Peter Capaldi is almost a foot taller than Jenna Coleman, it would be to the left of grotesque.  The Doctor reiterates his position that it wasn’t his place to assist in the decision-making process, that since the outcome would affect humanity, not him, it was their decision to make, and he trusted her to make the right choice, which is why he left her to it.  Now, I understood why Clara was mad.  This was her friend, someone she trusted (though I don’t know if she really likes him; their relationship all series has been tetchy as hell), and he basically abandoned her and a 15-year-old girl to possibly doom their species.  That doesn’t mean Clara was right in throwing a temper tantrum about it, basically telling the Doctor in no uncertain terms to fuck off.  It appears to me that Clara’s main problem all series has been that unlike Eleven, she can’t control this man, she can’t have him wound around her pinky finger.  She’s a control freak, she’s bossy, she’s a narcissist, and while it’s nice to finally have her with some kind of character, it would have been nicer if she was less abrasive.  She slaps him, smacks him in the head, tells him to shut up….she’s a bitch.  Bitches can be likeable sometimes, but I’m to the point where I hope Clara does leave at the end of this series, just so we can see the back of her.

The acting has been top-notch though, and that’s down to Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi being damn good at what they do.  When you can make me hate your character, even though I like you as an actor and as a person, you’ve done a good job.



  1. zathra · October 6, 2014

    Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has been a DICK lately, at least in regard to Danny Pink. Maybe he’s a tad jealous ( & doesn’t want to admit it ) because he remembers the relationship that he had with Clara as Doctor # 11.


    • Beth · October 6, 2014

      That’s absolutely part of it. I don’t think he’s in love with Clara, but I do think he misses being the center of her attention, and now that she has her own flat, a job, a boyfriend….he’s seeing that drift away, and he’s scared. He knows she’s going to leave him eventually, because they always do, but he doesn’t want it to happen so soon.

      I actually rather like that Twelve is a bit more abrasive and acerbic than past Doctors have been. Change is good.

      Liked by 1 person

      • zathra · October 6, 2014

        He almost seems like Hugh Laurie as House M.D. – Well, House, V 2. 0, if he could travel through time & space. & MAYBE Clara is his ” Wilson “. MAYBE. 🙂


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