Time to say goodbye.

If I walked into someone’s house for the first time and saw that everything was an exact copy or replica of everything in my house, I’d be incredibly creeped out, and I’d back out slowly, keeping an eye on them the whole time.  Having the same make or model of TV or liking the same artist is one thing, but if absolutely everything is the same, to the degree that the only difference between my home and theirs is the address, I’d wonder if I was in the midst of a Single White Female situation.  That movie seriously turned me off ever having a roommate, and I was like, 10 years old when it came out.

I’m sure other people will respond that they’d be flattered by it, thinking it cool that someone else finds their style or appointments so awesome they just have to have them too, but there’s something to be said for individuality and its importance.




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  3. litadoolan · October 30, 2014

    ‘there’s something to be said for individuality and its importance’

    Good call! I love this angle.


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