Sorry, no tricks.

This kind of starts off with a faulty premise, because I don’t pass out candy on Halloween.  I know, I know, that makes me sound like a grouchy, cantankerous old biddy, but my dog cannot stand people coming to the door, whether they ring the doorbell or not.  As such, we black the house out and stay mostly in the back, so people on the street don’t come up to the door.  Also, people from other subdivisions drive their kids around, which means our neighborhood is crammed with cars, which makes navigating around here difficult.  When I was a kid, we walked around to get candy, we weren’t chauffeured.

I suppose though, if our neighborhood kids really wanted to scare me, they’d listen to their parents, stop teasing my dog when I’m taking him out for walks, and not dump garbage in my front yard when they walk past it.  I don’t know how many times I’ve had to go out there and pick up pop cans, potato chip bags, candy wrappers, and who only knows what else, just so my dog doesn’t get his mouth on it and choke.  So yeah, the kids around here, who are all in middle school BTW, would scare the crap out of me if they acted like decent human beings instead of wild animals.

I should add that I don’t hate children, I just don’t like the kids that live around here.



  1. maddmombetty · October 31, 2014

    I think it’s the middle school age. I remember when I was that age that I never wanted to be in charge of kids that age, be it bus drivers, school teachers, especially substitutes, even parents! I ended up having two of my own, and if they ever acted that way, well let’s say that they were held accountable. But that was 25 years ago when they were teens…


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  4. Chesa Nmezi · November 1, 2014

    Reblogged this on Chesa Nmezi’s General Blog..


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