The blander the better.

While I think Truman Capote probably was right in some way, I don’t like my successes preceded by huge amounts of failure.  I have crappy self-esteem as it is, and if it took me say, six tries to get something right, by the time I finally did accomplish what I’d set out to, there would be no joy in it for me anymore.  I’d just feel more depressed that it took me six tries, when someone else was able to do it the first time they tried, maybe even the second.  I’m sure for other people, failing dozens of times only makes success that much sweeter or that much more appreciative, but that’s not me.  Knowing me, I’d probably give up halfway just out of sheer frustration and depression.  If I stumble across something I can’t do, or that I can’t do well, it doesn’t exactly entice me to try and best it.  I don’t have that kind of drive.  I wish I did.


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