All hail the Mocha Frappuccino.

Dear Starbucks,

Thank you for creating such a wonderfully decadent blended coffee drink.  I don’t drink anything other than water all week, but every Friday night, I look forward to consuming your chocolaty sugar bomb that purports to be 500 calories, but we both know is really a lot more than that.  I don’t allow myself many food luxuries, as I don’t eat a lot of fast food (maybe a Subway sandwich twice a month), nor do I eat/drink a lot of sugar (the only liquid I consume during the day is water)…..but I allow myself this because it tastes good and makes me feel good, and isn’t that the point?  No one buys a Starbucks because it’s health food.  They buy it because it’s sugary, caffeinated bliss.  I always get mine extra chocolaty by asking the barista to add a few more pumps of mocha syrup on top of the standard four, just because if I’m going in, I’m going all in.  While you’re at it Mr. Barista Man, add more whipped cream and mocha drizzle to the top, enough that it squirts out of the hole in the lid you put the straw into like some kind of pornographic coffee money shot.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take my diabetic coma in a cup and go home to take a tour of Washington D. C. on Google Earth since I don’t have the means of getting there conventionally at the moment.

With the greatest love and respect,

A Starbucks Addict.



  1. livingonchi · November 22, 2014

    That’s so decadent! 🙂


    • Beth · November 22, 2014

      It is, which is why I limit my consumption of it to once a week. I know people that drink Starbucks every day, and aside from the price (my drink is $5.28 with tax), that’s just too many calories. If I could afford to do it, both financially and physically, I might have two a week, maybe Friday and Saturday, but that would be it.

      It tastes really, really good though. LOL


  2. movingtowardsthelight · November 22, 2014

    I love this view of Friday evenings and Google earth, what is it that you actually do on Google earth, I’ve wondered about it every time you’ve mentioned it? Vonita 🙂


    • Beth · November 22, 2014

      I just pick a city or country I’ve always wanted to see and load up Street View. It’s the poor woman’s vacation. Since I don’t fly, have no passport, and have no money, it’s the only way I can really “travel.” It’s also nice to go back to Chicago, my hometown, and see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same since my family left 13 years ago. I know I talk about it quite a bit, but it’s really one of the neatest software inventions I’ve ever had anything to do with.

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  3. K. Renae P. · November 22, 2014

    “just because if I’m going in, I’m going all in”

    Those are awesome words to live by.


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