Fortune favors the brave.

The last time I really took a real risk was starting up this blog.  I’m essentially risk-averse by nature, preferring not to do things that could backfire or blow up in my face in some way.  That means I’ve probably missed out on a few things that I might have ended up enjoying, but unfortunately, unless I can be guaranteed some measure of success in whatever it is I would be attempting to do, I shy away and don’t bother.  I used to have a blog (not on WordPress) a while ago, but no one ever left comments, no one ever seemed interested in what I was saying, so I just forgot about it and let it die.  Then for some reason a few months ago I got up the bottle to start a new blog, found the Daily Post account, and the rest they say is history.  I’ve enjoyed responding to the various prompts we’re given, and as a result, have cultivated what I think is a nice little following of people who read what I submit and occasionally leave comments.  I still wish I was more adventurous, but if this is as far as it goes, I won’t complain.


Tell me what you think!

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