Happy Thanksgiving!

I don’t do complicated meals, I’m afraid.  I’m a pretty decent cook if I’m working off a recipe, but I’m absolute shit at making something up as I go along, whether I have preselected ingredients or not.  I don’t see the value in making complicated or difficult meals, only because your guests and/or family won’t appreciate it more if they know you spent four hours putting it together.  It isn’t likely to taste any better, either.  I grew up eating simple food, and that’s basically what I cook.  If it takes me more than an hour at most to put it together, excluding something like the Thanksgiving turkey which has to cook for more than an hour, I’m not interested.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’d like to wish all of my followers a happy Turkey Day tomorrow, and the sincerest hopes that you stuff yourselves silly and enjoy yourselves.



One comment

  1. nonsmokingladybug · November 26, 2014

    I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving as well 🙂


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