Snow is pretty to look at, but that’s it.

What thoughts would give me strength to make it through being buried in an avalanche?  I don’t know.  For starters, I’d probably chastise myself for being stupid enough to wander around in an area that is avalanche prone, thus causing my dumb ass to be buried under the snow, making other people have to trek out there and risk their lives just to find me.  After that, I haven’t the foggiest.  The prompt didn’t say, but I’m assuming people would know where I was and it’s just a matter of waiting until daybreak before they’re able to come retrieve me, so maybe I’d try and get some rest or something.  I’m claustrophobic as it is, so I’d have a hard enough time keeping myself from hyperventilating and having a cardiac episode during a panic attack.

I’m sure some people in my position would start praying, but being an atheist, that’s not something I’d be doing because it wouldn’t do a damn bit of good.  You’ll be rescued by human beings who can find you….provided they can find you before it’s too late, that is.  It might make you feel better, and that’s probably the point, but it’s not like it’ll have any effect on the situation beyond your own state of mind.

One comment

  1. zathra · November 29, 2014

    After the holidays, I sometimes fantasize about going into hibernation like a bear, or suspended animation like an astronaut ( like the astronauts in ” 2001 ” or ” Alien / Aliens ” ) & wake up in April or May. 🙂 Of course in the mid – South there’s rarely much serious snow accumulation, but still…..


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