Do for others, then do for me.

If I had unlimited funds to have one day of luxury, I’d start out by having my parents’ backyard fenced in for them, and then I’d have our roof repaired.  It’s something they can’t afford to do, being on a fixed income now that they’re both retired.  I’d also tackle any other around the house jobs that need to be done, like washing the siding, fixing the deck, and maybe some landscaping.  It might be a bit busy, having all of these people flitting around, but I’ve only got a day.

After that’s over with, I’m going to the mall.  I need clothes, I need shoes, I need a few other things, and if money isn’t an object for me this day, I’m going to spend until it hurts.  I’ll even pick up things for my parents and especially my sister, since she doesn’t get to buy new clothes/shoes all that often on a teacher’s salary, especially when the bulk of her check every month has to go to paying off student loans.  After shopping, I’m getting my hair done.  Then, I’m getting some upgrades for my Macbook, maybe even an iPad too.  When I get home, I’m hitting up eBay to fill in some spots of my vinyl collection that need tending to.

By the time the day ends, I will have spent money like a drunken sailor, but who cares?



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  3. livingonchi · December 9, 2014

    How lucky your family is to have such a loving person


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