Look here for a list of things that annoy me!

My “anti-bucket list,” or the things I never want to do or experience, is a lot longer than the things I would like to accomplish before I die.  I’ll separate them into groups, highlighting a few examples of each.

Books I Never Want To Read:

Twilight and all of its sequels

50 Shades of Gray

Any of those “Left Behind” books that deal with the rapture and other similar themes

Places I Never Want To Go:

Philadelphia, Mississippi

Anywhere in the Middle East

People I Never Want To Meet:

Nearly anyone who is currently a sitting member of Congress, as they’re all shitheads

Justin Bieber (I’d be too tempted to kick him in his barely-descended testicles)

Kim Kardashian, as well as any other person who is famous for being born to famous people or who is famous for having a sex tape

Taylor Swift

Sarah Palin

Things I Never Want To Do:

Go skydiving

Get on an airplane in general

Get drunk, or really, drink alcohol in any quantity (I detest the stuff)

Try any currently illegal drug

Sing karaoke

Have a one-night stand


I know I sound like an incredible bore, and more to the point, like I’m missing out on a lot of “fun,” but I don’t really think I am.  I can honestly say if I died tomorrow without having done or experienced any of those things, I won’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything or somehow lived an unfulfilled life.



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