Merry Christmas!

Before I answer the prompt, I’d like to wish all of my followers a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  I didn’t think five people would be interested in reading my ramblings, yet there’s over 100 of you, and that’s certainly something I never could have anticipated.  So thank you thank you thank you for making the latter half of 2014 a very enjoyable time.  We’re having a nice baked ham, au gratin potatoes, and fresh green beans for lunch, and I can’t wait.  Especially for the ham sandwich I’ll be having for dinner later.  Let me know in your reply what you’re planning on putting on the table today for lunch (or dinner).  🙂

Now, what would I do if I found a gaily wrapped package next to my bed with a note saying, “Open me, if you dare”?  Well, for starters I’d take it downstairs and ask my family if they’re responsible, telling them not to lie to me, because I don’t like surprises.  If it’s from them, I’ll gladly open it.  If it’s not, I’m going to wonder who the hell broke into our house (without waking up our basset hound, who will bark if a leaf blows down the street), walked into my bedroom (my door is always closed to keep the cat from sleeping on my face), walked up to the bed, left the gift, then left the house just as quietly as they came in.  In fact, after asking myself all of those questions, the next thing I’d do is call the police, then a locksmith.  Until I knew who the package was from and what their intent was in giving it to me, there’s no way in hell I’d open it.  I know, I know….that sounds incredibly cynical, but that’s me.  Other people might be overjoyed at receiving some random gift from a stranger, but I wouldn’t be.  A bomb could be in there for all I know.  Perhaps it’s a sign that I’m not trusting enough, but I also believe that other people can be too trusting at times.



  1. zathra · December 25, 2014

    I’ve got a an unopened deli basket here, with two bottles of wine. Except for the wine ( anti – oxidant properties & I bloody LOVE red wine ! ) it is as yet as untouched as a nun’s habit. I’m learning SELF – CONTROL ! Woo – hoo & Merry Christmas ! 🙂


    • Beth · December 25, 2014

      Have a great holiday! I love deli baskets, BTW. What’s in it?


      • zathra · December 25, 2014

        A lot of un – kosher, cholesterol – ridden things. 🙂 Then, after New Years’, I try to diet & exercise. & eat at Subway & veggie places. 🙂 Happy holidays !


  2. parthasadhukhan · December 29, 2014

    Hope it was Merry Christmas and wish you Happy New year..


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