Options, people. Options.

One of the worst feelings in the world is the sense that you have no choice but to do something, either because of your own foolishness or someone else’s.  The last time I was truly painted into a corner wasn’t my fault, oddly enough.  I was in college, and working on a group project without five other people, which already was testing my ability to bite my tongue.  As an aside, I hate working in groups, because I find I work better and faster on my own.  I can’t remember what the topic was, but it was for one of my upper-level Marketing classes, and we were all sitting in the library, desperately trying to flesh out what exactly it was everyone would be doing, since no one had similar schedules, and meetups would be few and far between.  I lived in the dorms, as opposed to off-campus in my own apartment or at home with my family, and when they discovered this, I was “volunteered” to host group “think sessions.”  If I said no, I didn’t want to do that (which I really, really didn’t), I’d look like I was shirking my responsibilities to the group, and if I said yes, I’d be putting my roommates out, as they didn’t need these idiots crowding up our living room.  I had no choice but to accept.  I called my roommates and told them what was going on, as I felt responsible for whatever nonsense would be happening now.  However, I got lucky in that after only two of these “think sessions” everyone else discovered that it was far easier to communicate back and forth through e-mails, since nearly everyone was at the computer most of the day anyway, or at least when they weren’t in class.  I could have told these yahoos that, but they weren’t too keen on my ideas anyway, so I wasn’t surprised they ignored it.


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  1. Gradmama2011 · April 20, 2015

    Groups are the reason things get messed up. I never decided if those group assignments are meant to torture or discourage the movers of the group.

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