House of Designer Sophisticate, Winter 2015

I’d love to be able to make my own clothes.  Buying clothes is expensive, so having the ability to make whatever article of clothing I needed, be it underwear, jeans, shirts, even socks….that could be fun.  I can sew passably well, and I know how to hem trousers and the like, but that’s really it.  Back when my mom was a teenager, in Home Economics class, they had to make a dress from a pattern, and how well they did it determined their final grade.  While I would love to see HomeEc come back to schools, especially with classes like cooking and household finances/budgeting, skills both genders sorely need, I don’t think kids should be tasked with making their own clothes…..that said, rudimentary sewing skills should be commonplace.  How many times have you lost a button on a coat or had a hole in a sock?  If you knew how to sew, they wouldn’t be problems anymore.

When you’re a less-than-skinny gal like me, finding the right clothes can be problematic, especially if you’re between sizes or the size you need is not available.  Being able to make your own wardrobe would eliminate those issues, as you could make all of your clothes to fit you specifically, then tailor them if/when you start losing weight.  No need to go buy a whole new wardrobe, just take everything in!

Tell me what you think!

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