The Boston Red Sox are awesome!

Boy, I can’t imagine a better team than the Boston Red Sox.  They’re such a classy, dignified team who play baseball the right way, with lots of heart and gusto….no shenanigans here.  I just love watching their games, really getting into all the great plays they make.  Their fans are wonderful too.  You’ll never meet a nicer group of people than Boston Red Sox fans.  They never get out of line during games, always showing respect to the other team and their fans when they come to Fenway Park.




That’s about as far as I could go before the nausea hit me.  As a die-hard New York Yankees fan, you have no idea how difficult it was for me to type that crap.  I’m that fan that likes reading SoSH (Sons of Sam Horn) after a Red Sox loss, particularly after a loss to the Yankees, just to read their fans losing their collective mind (there’s only one brain they all share between them) over everything.  The schadenfreude is real, my friends.  Everything is the end of the world, all the time.  Granted, Yankees fans do their share of that too, especially when we lose to the Red Sox, but they do it so much better and so much funnier.  Now, I don’t think a Red Sox loss is better than a Yankees victory, but the only thing that makes my night better than a Yankees win is a Boston loss.  Fuck the Red Sox, fuck their fans, fuck their crappy ballpark, and fuck the city of Boston, too.  The only good thing it gave anyone was baked beans and a tea party.


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  1. livingonchi · January 11, 2015

    I liked this even though I’m from Boston and think it’s the absolute coolest city in the world. My step daughter, however, would take this mightily personally. NY is nice, but only when Hubby goes with me and I can just watch the sights and not have to worry about getting lost.


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