Mondays suck.

So, today didn’t start off so well.  I woke up at 6:30 like I always do, take my laptop over to my desk, and turn it on.  It’s not charging up.  I unplug the charger from the wall, make sure everything is connected properly, clean the MagSafe thingamabob and the port on the side of my computer it plugs into, still nada.  By now I’m down to about 70% battery life.  I Google “MacBook charger not working” to see if there are any tricks or whatnot I can do to troubleshoot it myself without buying a new one, and I find nothing.  What I do find is a lot of stuff written about a failing charger being incredibly rare, and that the problem could possibly be with the battery itself, which was not something I wanted to particularly contemplate.  I couldn’t afford a new battery, much less to go without my computer for any length of time.  Then I remember that my sister has a MacBook too, so I go plug her charger into my computer, and lo and behold, the little orange light comes up.  That means the problem isn’t with my battery, but my broken charger.  Great.  So, off to the Apple Store my mother and I go.  She had to run out and do some errands anyway, so we headed over to Friendly Center in Greensboro, park right at the front door at 9 o’clock……only to be told the store was open just for tech support, and that at 10 a.m. the sales staff would be there.  Fabulous.  What are we going to do to kill an hour?

Walk around Whole Foods!  A store, by the way, we can’t afford to shop at.  Nothing makes you feel more broke than walking around Whole Foods.  They had great stuff, a lovely meat counter, a salad bar and breakfast bar that made me drool, not to mention some chocolate pastries that almost came home with us, but it was waaaaaaaaaay out of our price range.  Around quarter to ten, we go back to the Apple Store and wait so I could run in, grab the charger, pay for it, then get out.  Finally I was able to go in, pick it up, swipe my credit card, then be on my way.  $84 dollars later….. *grumble grumble*

So yeah, today has thus far, not started off well.  Though, that’s to be expected, it’s Monday, and Mondays always suck.  Next Monday my dad gets to have an endoscopic ultrasound so that a lesion on his pancreas can be biopsied to find out whether it’s malignant or not.  Wunderbar.  Pancreatic cancer has a 90% mortality rate.  To say I’m not looking forward to this is an understatement.


One comment

  1. livingonchi · January 12, 2015

    My best wishes for your father’s test to be negative. The biopsy and wait-for-results sequence is hellish.


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