Politics + Family = NO.

I’m the only atheist and liberal in my family.  Everyone else is conservative, though not ridiculously so, and religious to some degree.  Not to mention, both my parents watch Fox News.  I wish I could disabuse them of that, because I think FauxNooz is one step removed from a manure pile, but they can watch what they want.  I get my news from NPR and the BBC, but that’s because I think news outlets in this country, particularly cable news outlets, are unmitigated disasters.  Network news is neutered and basically useless.  This ain’t Walter Cronkite’s CBS.

That said, I don’t get into political debates with my parents.  NOPE HAHA NEVER.  I have neither the strength, nor the intestinal fortitude, to get into an argument about them with anything (and it would turn into an argument), especially when it comes to hot-button issues.  Being as far to the left as I am, we’re not going to see eye to eye on anything, be it equal marriage, abortion, legalizing marijuana, amnesty for undocumented aliens….you name it.  There is literally ZERO point to it.  Whenever my dad tries to start a conversation with me about something he heard on Fox News that morning, I quickly shut it down.  I’ll talk to him about music, sports, the weather, food, television, movies, his favorite color of socks, but I absolutely refuse to discuss politics with him.  I’ll just get mad.  I don’t want to get mad at him.  It just wouldn’t be right.  I also have a few friends who are more conservative politically than I am, and I don’t discuss politics with them either.  I know someone will say, “How can you have a truly well-rounded world view if you don’t debate the other side of the argument?  Aren’t you just living in an echo chamber?”  Well, maybe, but I can accept differing opinions when they’re framed from an intellectual vantage point.  If you tell me you hate the President because you think he’s a secret Muslim dictator, I’m going to think you’re cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and tell you to fuck off.  If you tell me you don’t like the President, then point out specific policy initiatives he’s enacted that you don’t agree with, plus the reasons you don’t agree with them, I’ll listen.  I won’t debate anything with you, but I’ll listen.



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  1. zathra · January 16, 2015

    I had a neighbor who kept in contact with me after I moved away from my hometown, she’d alternate between sending me these happy little forwarded missives about Heaven, John 3:16, Jesus, etc. & then these ” Hate – speech ” e – mail messages depicting Obama as Satan, or as an Islamic terrorist, until I finally blocked her. As conservative as my folks here in the Bible Belt are, most of them haven’t done that – Except for my Right – Wingy step brother in FL who seems to think that Heaven is reserved for White Protestant Christians.
    Strange how these people never give a 2nd thought about foisting their ideas & beliefs on you, but if you do likewise, they act like you just threatened to pee on their shoes & b**ch – slap them.


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