I type faster than I write now.

Pretty much the only thing I still hand-write anymore are the insides of cards I give to people for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, plus their corresponding envelopes.  I pay my bills online, so I don’t need to write checks.  No one I know that lives out of state doesn’t have at the least, a Twitter account, so I can just tweet them a few times a day rather than write a letter.  I’ve never been in a position to have write and send out Thank You cards for anything, and I’ve been out of school a while now, so physically writing out homework assignments is a thing of the past.

I can type 100+ wpm though, so for me, it’s just easier to use a computer for all my communication needs.  I used to be able to write very fast, filling up several pages front and back, in just a few minutes, but those days are gone.  Even now I’ve noticed my impeccable penmanship starting to get a bit sloppy around the edges, simply because I don’t use it as much anymore.  If I have to jot anything down as a quick note, I print, I don’t use cursive.  If I’m honest, it kind of stinks, because I wish I had more reason to write things out by hand, but I don’t.  The opportunities just aren’t there.




  1. estebang · January 17, 2015

    I scribble these days. Typing is much faster. There is not a premium for handwriting style. I have been detained in airports for falsifying my signature at the money changers.

    I wonder about the folks younger than I that have not ever learned to type, but just use thumbs. That is a skill as well. I may never learn that one.

    I still have to do geometry and mathematics on paper. I’m getting better at doing that on a screen, but it is still faster for me to do algebra and trig on paper. Nonetheless, I quickly translate that to a screen to do the actual work.


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