Who doesn’t love it when I express myself?

I’d much rather want to be able to write my own blog and not be able to read others’ than the other way around.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to read, and I love to read what other people write, but I need the outlet my blog provides for getting things off my chest or just opining at length about one subject or another.  If I didn’t have that ability, now that I’ve tapped into how much I enjoy it, I’d be more than a little annoyed.  Blogging for me is a cathartic experience, one that I’m thankful exists.

Also, blogging allows me to not only keep up with my typing skills, something I’m proud to say is one of the few things I’m really good at, but exercises my brain and makes me really put it to work.  I’m unemployed right now, so I don’t have anything to keep my mind occupied during the day like someone with a job would, even if it was just repetitive data entry work (which is what I’m looking for), and flipping back and forth between Twitter and two message boards isn’t really what I would call “intellectually stimulating.”  At least here on my blog, I’m forced to come up with cogent, coherent thoughts that are spelled correctly and use proper punctuation.



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