An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

I think if someone handed me a check for one billion dollars, but said it was mine only if I listened to a Justin Bieber album from start to finish, I’d suck it up and ask for headphones, at least to minimize the damage to everyone around me.  Now, if we’re talking about an offer someone actually made to me, I’d have to say it was for a job I had a couple of years ago.  Everything about the job was perfect, not just in terms of location, but in terms of pay.  I would have been an absolute idiot to turn it down, and I didn’t.  Aside from that, I can’t say I ever found myself in a situation where someone offered me something, maybe with the exception of a free Starbucks or dinner, that I just couldn’t walk away from, not without looking like a total numpty.  I kind of wish I did so I’d have more to talk about here.  LOL


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