You couldn’t pay me to go there.

I have two locations in mind, one comical… serious.  The comical choice would be Boston.  I’m a Yankees fan, and Yankees fans aren’t too well received in that neck o’ the woods.  Just like Red Sox fans probably wouldn’t want to roam around the Bronx during baseball season, I think I’ll stay out of Massachusetts.  I’m sure it’s a lovely place, full of great history and food and all that jazz….but not during baseball season.  Thanks, but no thanks.

The serious choice would be anyplace where hurricanes are more likely to strike than elsewhere.  So basically, Florida.  You know, America’s penis.  I’ll stick to going on Google Earth if I want to see what the Keys look like, but the lovely weather they have for the rest of the year doesn’t make up for the pants-shitting fear I’d be living with nearly every day during hurricane season.  I’m not afraid of storms in general, plain old thunder and lightening don’t bother me.  Anything more severe than just plain old thunder and lightening, and I’m cowering in the corner with a stuffed animal like a 5-year-old.  I’ll never understand people that live there year ’round.  I’d move somewhere else from about April to October.



  1. zathra · February 6, 2015

    To loosely quote the author Harlan Ellison : ” If the cyclones don’t get you then the rabid militia will “. I live in Tornado Alley, which Middle TN is part of. Big, nasty storms come through here a lot. The February after I came here we were hit with a band of DEADLY thunderstorms, twisters, etc. If I could move back East, I would. But there are other factors.


  2. simplygiselle · February 6, 2015

    I live in Boston and yes you will always be a Stank-eeys fan, but when push comes to shove (i.e. 9/11, Marathon Bombing) we stick together and take on the world. I think our cities have more in common than we like. Sort of like two siblings that are so alike they are always fighting about it… LOL 🙂


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