“I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak….”

Back when I was in 5th and 6th grades, I attended summer camp at the park right behind our apartment building.  Usually once or twice in that 2 1/2 month span, we’d go to the beach……usually Hollywood Beach.  I loved it, mostly for the school bus ride we took to get there.  Someone would always have a boombox with them, as the bus didn’t have a radio, and the station of choice to listen to was B96.  They played R&B, hip-hop, sometimes rap music, but any profanities in the lyrics were bleeped out.  One song that immediately comes to mind when I think about those rides to the beach is Weak by SWV.  There was a lot of great R&B in the early 90s, like Zhane, Silkk (I shouldn’t have such fond memories of such a dirty song, but damn it, every time I hear it, I immediately think about the summer of 1993), SWV, TLC, Crystal Waters, Gabrielle…..the list goes on.  Anyway, I hadn’t heard that song in probably 20 years before I last played it a few years ago, and I could literally feel the shitty leather of the seat under my legs, I could hear everyone singing along, I could even smell the exhaust fumes from all the cars on the road with us.  It was like I had my own little time machine and a-way back I went.  It was great!



One comment

  1. ivyon · February 11, 2015

    Music does the same to me 🙂


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