On the cusp of adulthood……

Since I didn’t have any coins nearby, I had to pull out my wallet, dump them all on my bed, then close my eyes and reach for one.  I pulled out a dime, minted in 1999.  Let’s see…..what was I doing in 1999?

  • I started my senior year of high school.
  • I broke my leg a few months before bullet point #1, which stunk, because I had to start school on a walker, as I had just gotten the cast taken off my leg, and I couldn’t put my full weight on it yet.  The only good thing to come from that is I got all the best seats on the Montrose and Central buses, plus getting to sit in the front of the classroom, right by the door so I could be the first one to leave afterward.
  • I turned 17 that June.
  • I went to a ton of sleepovers with friends, including one memorable party where we threw birthday cake at one another, and I had to wash my hair in the kitchen sink to get the frosting out of it.
  • I saw a lot of great movies like Girl, Interrupted….saw that one twice, actually.
  • Received my class ring earlier in the year when I was a Junior.  I still wear it, and only take it off to wash my hair/shower, because it gets slippery when wet (BON JOVI REFERENCE), and I don’t want it falling down the drain.
  • A blizzard in early January gave me my one and only snow day in all the years I attended school, from preschool all the way to my senior year of college.  All it did was tack an extra day onto our Christmas Vacation, as we were due back that Monday, but ended up going back on Tuesday.

That’s all I could think off the top of my head.  I’m sure more things will come to me throughout the day, but those are the highlights, if you will.



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