Home away from home.

Assuming of course that this plot of land is in a location of my choosing, I think the first thing I’d do is build my dream home.  The kind of house that would cost millions and millions of dollars to buy in the really rich part of town.  I’ll not bore you with the details of what I’d want in the home, but marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a big, roomy shower with one of those benches in it would feature prominently.  The land the house sits on is far more interesting.  I love flowers, so I’d want it immaculately landscaped.  Out front, I’d want a trellis covered with morning glories.  On either side of the staircase I’d want rose bushes.  Doesn’t matter what color.  Hopefully this piece of land comes with some nice-sized trees, because they can be a shady place to sit if the weather gets too hot.  The whole property would be fenced in, of course, so my dog could have a place to run and play without me worrying about him running away and getting lost.  I would have a large area for growing vegetables, because I love veggies, and fresh foods can be expensive if you don’t live in an area where they’re easy to come by.  I’d grow all kinds of vegetables too; tomatoes, beans, eggplants, peppers, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, carrots, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, squash, and corn.  I know it sounds like a lot, but I fancy myself a pretty decent cook, so I could do a lot with that.  I’d also love some lilac trees.  In the backyard of the apartment I grew up in back in Chicago, there were a couple of lilac trees, and the smell of lilac always takes me back to that time and place.  It would be a nice reminder of my other home away from home.

I’m not a lady farmer, so I won’t say something like wanting chickens or cows on the property, but if this piece of land happened to be anywhere near an actual farm, that would be wonderful.  A place to buy fresh dairy, like milk, cheese, and butter, not to mention eggs that were probably laid by the hen that morning, doesn’t sound half-bad.  I’m basically looking for any and all reasons to eat healthier because while I do a good enough job on my own right now, a little help never hurts.

Oh, and there had better be a Starbucks within walking distance.  Maybe I can have one installed in my basement.  Hmm.



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