If I change my mind, I’ll let you know.

As a woman who is single and in her early 30s, I get asked more times than I’d like as to why I’m not married with children yet.  Apparently there’s a cutoff age or something, and I missed it.  I’m not married, and I don’t have children because I don’t want to get married, and I don’t want to have children.  If I did, I’d have done something about it by now!  It’s irritating because while it always comes from (seemingly) well-intentioned people, it smacks of surprise that I’m not neatly slotting myself into prescribed gender roles.  For some women, being wives and mothers are what they look forward to their whole lives.  That’s fine.  I’m not one of them.  Some people out there apparently have a hard time coming to grips with that.

Another reason it irritates me is because it makes it seem like my life is somehow less fulfilled or less important, all because I don’t have a husband or kids.  It’s amazing to me how it can be 2015, and yet there are still women out there who think that it’s really 1952.




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  2. Susie · March 1, 2015

    In college, I used to be asked ” why don’t I have a boyfriend”?


    • Beth · March 3, 2015

      I got that too. First they’d think I was gay, which I’m not, and I’d tell them as such, then when they found out I just had no interest in dating anyone, they’d say it was sad and depressing. No, actually it’s not. What’s sad and depressing is being sad and depressed over someone else’s lack of a social life. As long as I’m happy, that’s really all that should concern you.


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