ST Game 2 — Phillies 3, Yankees 1

The big takeaway from this game wasn’t necessarily that we lost, but that Alex Rodriguez played in a Yankees game for the first time since 2013.  We didn’t play that badly, to be honest, 1 R on 5 H isn’t optimal, mind, but it could always be worse.  As for Alex, he went 1-2 with a BB, which was better than most people were anticipating, myself included.  I’ve got very low expectations for him this year, and as long as doesn’t completely shit himself at the plate or at first base those rare moments he’ll be playing there to spell Mark Teixeira for a while, I’ll be satisfied.  I mean, we’re talking, as long as he bats above the Mendoza line, I’ll be happy.  It’s not often you see a baseball fan say that about someone on their team, but considering how godawful we’re going to be, I don’t want Alex’s poor performance at the plate being more of a distraction to the team, considering we don’t have Derek Jeter’s presence in the clubhouse anymore to keep the ship afloat.  We’re basically going to sick or swim on A-Rod’s back, and don’t think I’m too pleased about that, because I’m not.


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