I’d call myself moderately skilled.

My main employment expertise involves a lot of typing, and considering I can type more than 100 wpm, I’d say I’m fairly good at it.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have to go back and make a lot of corrections when I’m finished, as my fingers tend to move faster than my brain, but I pride myself on being able to type that fast without ever been taught to type.  I’m of the age where in school, I transitioned from handwriting everything, including term assignments, to having to type everything, and the faster you could type, the sooner you’d be finished.  It was an incentive to not make a lot of mistakes, because that was time spent still working on whatever it was.  I didn’t take any classes, I didn’t read any books, I just looked at the keyboard, figured out where my fingers were supposed to go, and that was that.  It always surprises people, because they assume I had to do a lot of work or studying to get that good, but I didn’t.

Outside of whatever I do in terms of job skills, I obviously do a lot of blogging, and I consider myself okay at it.  I could be better, but I think in terms of generally organizing my thoughts and then putting them on the screen, I could do a lot worse.  That’s one reason I always appreciate getting comments/feedback from my followers — it lets me know if I’m doing something right or not.



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