Tie me kangaroo down, sport.

If I had the opportunity to spend a year living in a foreign country, I’d choose Australia.  I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, but a crippling fear of flying coupled with having no money or passport makes it kind of moot, but if I was able to get my hands on high-quality drugs to knock me out for the whole flight, plus the money to go and get a passport, I’d love to.  I’d want to see all the big cities; Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin.  I’d want to walk up to someone and say, “throw another shrimp on the barbie,” and I’d want to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.  More than that, I want to flush a toilet and see if the water really does go counterclockwise down the drain rather than clockwise like it does here.  I’d also like to see snow on my birthday, as I was born in June, and that’s their winter.

If Australia wasn’t possible for whatever reason, I’d love to go to Scotland.  I’ve talked about why before, but it just seems like a fun place to go, plus there’s a ton of history there, and I’m a history buff.  I love to learn new things when I go somewhere, particularly if something important or interesting occurred there many moons before.




  1. lilypup · March 12, 2015

    Oh gosh, am so glad to meet another fearful flyer. I have flown to France and it was a challenge. I hate to fly even one state over. It can really take the fun out of a trip 😦 http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/

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    • Beth · March 14, 2015

      I’ve only ever gotten on an airplane twice in my life; once to fly to Atlanta, and once to fly back to Chicago. This was over Memorial Day in 2001, so pre-9/11. I will never get on an airplane now, not because I’m scared someone will blow it up, but because I hate flying, and was basically forced to do it when I did. If I’d been able to, I’d have declined and stayed home. Sure, it was a quicker trip than if we drove, but I like having terra firma under my feet where I can see it up close.


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