At least it’s close to civilization.

I live in a small-ish town, about smack dab between two large urban areas.  So, we’re not overly rural, though there is a giant farm just down the road from our house.  That said, being a Chicagoan, I’m used to living in a much more urban, lively environment, so while this isn’t quite a one stoplight town with 50 people and three cows, when we moved here, it was a bit to adjust to.  What do I like about it?  It has a Starbucks (it has several, actually), which to me is one sign that it’s a civilized locality.  I also like that there’s a lot of wilderness nearby, because in the fall, it’s gorgeous when all the leaves start turning colors.  I also like, contrary to what you may take from an above statement, that it’s quiet.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d still rather live in a large city than out here, but I appreciate the fact that at night, I don’t have to fall asleep to the sounds of honking horns, sirens, people screaming, loud music…stuff like that.  What don’t I like about it?  Well, that it’s quiet.  At night, I’m fine with it, but during the day, I’d like a little liveliness, a little life.  I also don’t like that there aren’t a lot of great ethnic restaurants here.  We have a great Mexican place (No, not Taco Bell — you call that great Mexican food?), a great Chinese place, and a great Italian place, but if I want Indian food, I have to drive to one of the cities on either side of us.  If I want to go to Sweet Tomatoes, my favorite soup/salad bar restaurant, the closest one to us is in the state capital.  Which totally sucks, because it’s all the soup and salad you can eat!  How would that not work?  How about we get rid of the Chick-fil-A that no one with a right mind should support with their dollars and put the Sweet Tomatoes there?  I think that would be my campaign as mayor.



  1. Marilyn Armstrong · March 19, 2015

    We ARE a one stoplight town, but we have two, the second being in front of the Senior Center so the elderly patrons — like me — can safely cross the street. Moving from city to country takes a good sense of humor. You learn to be grateful for the small things 🙂

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    • Beth · March 19, 2015

      That’s another thing about the town I live in; there are a lot of facilities for seniors. There’s two nursing homes and three assisted living facilities, all within a 5-10 minute drive of my house. I wasn’t the only one in my family to note, perhaps with wry humor, that there are three cemeteries and a funeral home within 5-10 minutes of them.


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