Trial and error.

When I was younger, I wore my hair in the style my mother chose, since she was the one who had to wash and take care of it.  As such, it was exactly like hers.  I hated it, and she told both my sister and I, that once we were able to take care of it ourselves, we could wear it however we wanted to.  It was a glorious moment when I was allowed to grow my hair out, because I got tired of having hair like a boy.  When you’re a young woman, well, I was a pre-teen at the time, but when you start…filling out, yet everything from the neck up says “male,” it can make for a rough experience in school.  That’s why I’ve always had long hair, for well over 20 years now.  To get to the length that works best for me, I had to cut it short (think chin-length) a few times, letting it grow back out, then getting it cut when it finally started to annoy me.  Right now, I’m due for a shearing, but I can’t afford it at the moment, so I’m making do.

My clue that it’s time for the chop is when I have to braid my hair before going to bed, otherwise it’ll be all up in my grill while I sleep.  I have very thick, very wavy/borderline curly hair, so layers work best, but I can’t cut them too short, otherwise when I wear my hair curly, or at least when I go without straightening it, it’ll puff out like a mushroom, and I’ll look like shit.  So, what style have I decided on as the best one for me?  See below.




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  2. bkpyett · March 23, 2015

    Lovely, good choice!


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