Just call me Bob Vila.

I would love to be good at construction work.  Any kind.  There are more than a few repairs that need to be done to our house and our back deck, but we lack the funds to get it started.  If I could do all that work myself, all I’d need to buy is the supplies.  It would take a lot longer than if a crew of people were working on it, but at least you wouldn’t be paying for labor and supplies.  I think I’d also like to be good at working on cars.  I barely know how to put gas in one, much less change a tire, change the oil, or put in more washer fluid.  I sometimes hate that I’m such a stereotypical girl in that regard.  I have a lot of intellectual knowledge and skill, but hardly any practical.  I’m half-afraid to live on my own because if something were to happen, I know I’d be utterly useless in a catastrophe.

Though if anyone needed a pumpkin swirl cheesecake, I’d be Johnny-on-the-spot.



One comment

  1. rogershipp · April 11, 2015

    We are from the same mold…… So many things to fix! So little time…. actually so little skill?


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