Quieter than Earth.

My planet would be small, as I’d be the only one on it at any given time.  It would be a place to go to unwind, recharge, rest, relax…..you name it.  It wouldn’t be a place to live permanently, is what I’m saying.  It would be covered in lush vegetation, big trees, lots of flowers.  The weather would be blissful, with daytime temps in the 70s and evening temps in the 50s.  Basically I want late spring every single day.  Obviously to accomplish this, it would need to be a planet similar to Earth, not just in proximity to a star, but in atmosphere.  I want this to be a place I could just land my spacehopper (or TARDIS, you never know) and step outside without worrying about slapping on a gas mask or some other apparatus.

The upside to it being totally unpopulated (save myself when I’m there) is that I don’t need to worry about pollution, noise, deforestation, or anything else like that.  I’m on the fence on whether I want wildlife there or not, but I’m leaning more toward yes than no.  Some birds chirping in the trees would be a nice backdrop to a peaceful nap under a giant tree, I think.  Besides, I can assume if I’m heading toward this planet for a vacation, I’ve packed whatever necessities are needed for my stay, including food and water.  I’d have a house built there, with indoor plumbing, so I wouldn’t need to worry about bathroom facilities and bathing.  Of course, being the only person there, if I wanted to do a skinny dip in a river, who’d see me, but still.  A nice, cozy little cabin.  Maybe I’d bring a friend.  Do you think I could borrow David Tennant for a while?


Tell me what you think!

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