Hot and Spicy.

I like spicy food, but there’s a limit to how spicy I’ll go.  If I eat something and my eyes water or my mouth starts burning, and no amount of anything dulls that pain, it’s too spicy.  Ghost peppers, scotch bonnets, habeneros….I won’t touch them.  I just know from reading up on them and from what other people who’ve eaten them have told me, that they’re too far beyond my comfort level.

One thing I do love, even though it’s quite spicy is Neese’s Extra Hot sausage.  It’s a local sausage, made in Greensboro, and they have a regular pork sausage, a hot pork sausage, and an extra hot sausage.  I like scrambling eggs in the same pan I cooked sausage or bacon in because it gives the eggs a lot of flavor, but when I scrambled a couple of eggs in some of the leftover grease, the eggs were red.  RED.  I was definitely feeling the burn while I was eating, but it wasn’t that bad.

I guess I’m fortunate that spicy food doesn’t give me heartburn or other digestive issues, because I’d hate to only be able to eat bland food for the rest of my life.  :-\


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