Barter system.

I think if the world suddenly descended into a currency-less system, where you exchanged goods and services for other goods and services rather than money of some kind, I’d probably be pretty screwed.  I’m not very good at anything.  That’s not putting myself down, just being honest.  I can’t fix or repair cars, I can’t even pump gas; I’m not very handy with DIY stuff around the house unless it’s something absurdly simple like changing a light bulb or using a screwdriver; any kind of electrical, plumbing, construction, or landscaping work is out the window, unless again, it’s something really, really, really simple that even an infant could accomplish.  I hate that I’m so stereotypically female with that kind of thing.  I wish my dad had taught me how to change the oil, change a tire, put in the wiper fluid, put in the antifreeze, check tire pressure, snake a toilet….I can cook, I can sew, I can clean really good.  I feel like such a failure in the sense that I’m thoroughly modern in conceivably every other way but that.  I guess that because my parents are baby boomers (both born in ’49), they had a much different opinion on the roles of men and women in society, and neither of them felt that my sister and I should learn those skills.

So yeah, I’d be screwed.  My only hope would be possibly aligning with a person or a group of people that had the requisite skills necessary to survive so that they could help me and I could help them.  Otherwise I’d be total wormfood in about a week.


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