Pets make the day worthwhile.

I have three pets at home; a basset hound named Teddy, a male tuxedo cat named Beau, and a female black cat named Lucky.  Both Beau and Lucky are rescues, but in different ways.  Beau we adopted from the animal shelter four years ago, Lucky we found cowering on the side of our apartment building in Chicago, lying on a pile of broken glass.  She was the runt of her mother’s litter, and the mother abandoned her (we assume) in order to find food for the healthier sibling.  So, we took her in after having her checked out by a vet.  She’s been with us 15 years now, but she’s still got tons of piss and vinegar.  Beau will be six years old this year, as he was 1 1/2 years old when we adopted him in March of 2011.  Teddy will be six years old too in early July.

They all provide companionship in their own ways, and our house would be poorer of spirit if they weren’t around.  Teddy loves to bay at sirens, whether on TV or in real life, so whenever we have COPS on the television, if there’s a police chase, all you’ll hear throughout the house is his howling.  Beau is a lap cat and is perfectly content to spend all day sleeping on you if you let him.  Lucky purrs at the drop of a hat, and she loves to nuzzle you, then climb on your lap.  Teddy’s not a kisser, he doesn’t lick us or anything, but he’ll sit or lie down next to you if he likes you.  As for pictures, I’ve only got photos of Teddy and Beau, but if you’ve ever seen a jet black cat with yellow eyes, that’s Lucky.


Edit: I thought I had a picture of Beau on my computer, but I don’t.  Sorry about that.  He’s a tuxedo cat, so I suppose if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.  :-\



  1. belikewaterproduction · April 27, 2015

    I agree


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