Was that Sugarloaf’s only hit?

Sorry.  The prompt title today, “Green-Eyed Lady” made me think of the song by Sugarloaf, which is now stuck in my head.  Thanks.

Anyway, jealousy is definitely something I have to deal with, though I wish I didn’t.  It’s not an attribute about myself I’m necessarily proud of.  One thing that sets it off is seeing someone in better shape than I am.  I try hard to watch what I eat and get as much exercise as I can, but it doesn’t always work.  Seeing someone thin and wearing cute, trendy clothes, never fails to make me feel like absolute crap.  It’s something I’ve always battled, both the weight issues and the jealousy issues, and I fear I’ll be dealing with them for the foreseeable future too.  Another thing I often get jealous about is money.  I have none.  When you don’t have any, and you see people with it spending like the world is going to end, when you’d just like a few bucks to get some new clothes or a new pair of sneakers, it makes you wonder what it is you’ve done wrong to end up where you have.

If you haven’t noticed, I have a lot of self-esteem issues.  Always have, more than likely always will.  Oh, and because the title of the prompt is so perfect:



  1. They also had “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You”…


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