Accounting can go to hell.

I had no problem with classes in grammar school and high school, and for the most part, the classes I took in college didn’t frustrate me……….except Accounting.  I still have nightmares about it 10 years after I graduated.  I initially was an accounting major, thinking it would be a good job to have career-wise, but about 30 minutes into my first accounting class, I realized I’d made a horrible, horrible mistake.  Math was never my bugaboo, in the sense that while it might have taken me a bit longer to grasp the concepts, in the end I still managed to figure them out.  This kind of math however….no matter how much I studied and did example problems over and over again, I still could not wrap my brain around any of it.  When we got to FIFO and LIFO (first in, first out/last in, first out), I realized nope nada no way, I had to change my major.

Unfortunately, regardless of what major you chose in the Business College, you still had to take that class, so I was stuck with it until the end of the semester, but at least I wouldn’t have to take anymore like it.  I passed with a C, which I wasn’t happy about initially because I never got anything lower than a B in my entire scholastic career, but considering how hard the class was and how much I struggled to even get a grade that high, I realized I should be grateful I passed at all.  At least it didn’t hurt my GPA.


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