To Sleep, Perhance to Dream

I love sleep.  Sleeping is fun.  That sounds simplistic and maybe a little childish, but it’s no less true.  It’s relaxing, and relaxation feels good.  For me to get a good night’s sleep, there has to be a few conditions met.  One, it must be nearly pitch black in my bedroom.  The only light allowed comes from my alarm clock, whose sole function really is to tell me the time.  Otherwise, it’s dark.  Two, a minimum of two oscillating fans must be on, put on their highest setting.  That’s not only for the air, but for the noise.  That leads into my third condition, that being some kind of noise.  If it’s too quiet, I can’t sleep.  I hear everything, and it keeps me awake.  The sound of my fans blurs all that other stuff out so I can drop off.  Four, it must be cold.  If it’s hot, I can’t sleep.  That’s why I’m glad we’re turning the central air on today, because last night I had a bear of a time falling asleep because even with windows open and two fans on, my bedroom was sweltering.  If these conditions are met, I can sleep.

As for naps, I don’t do naps.  One, because I can’t sleep during the day unless I’m really sick, and two, because I’d feel lazy if I took one.  I get up every morning (even on the weekends) at 6 o’clock, even though I’m currently unemployed, because I’d feel like I was being shiftless if I slept any later.  I like to keep busy because it makes me feel useful, like I’m not just sucking up space.  To take a nap in the middle of the afternoon would make me feel like I was perpetuating a stereotype or something, and I just can’t stand that.

I do remember my dreams, though not all of them, in the sense that I can remember what I dreamed last night, but not all of it.  Just bits and pieces.  I can even remember dreams I had months or years ago, though I don’t remember what precise day I had it.  I like to joke that my “dreamscapes” are incredibly vivid for someone who neither does drugs, nor eats weird food before bed.  They’re just weird sometimes.  Not in a grotesque or frightening way, just odd.  I like them, though.  It gives me something to think about after I get up.


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