Placebo Effect

I’m torn between choosing cancer and obesity.  Both are insidious, both kill many, many Americans a year, though in obesity’s case it’s through other illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.  I’m overweight, and I’d love to just take a pill or drink a thimble of liquid or get a shot and instantly be skinny, but I think if I had to choose just one though, I’d pick cancer.  Any cancer.  It doesn’t matter what kind of cancer you have, this drug will destroy it.  Doesn’t matter how you got the cancer, either.  Could be from smoking five packs a day or because you’re 3 months old….take this drug, and it’s cancer go bye-bye.  I’ve had cancer scares in my family, and if I could make it so that no one else ever had to go through again, I would in a heartbeat.  I wouldn’t even ask to make much money off of it, not like pharmaceutical companies really do.  I’d ask for just enough that my family and I would never have to worry about money again, and then all the rest of the profits can go into developing more cures for other diseases, like diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and ALS.


Tell me what you think!

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