The Duggar Family Sickness.


This might be one of the most controversial things I ever post on this blog, but I picked a good topic to pop that particular cherry, so here we go.

In a just world, Josh Duggar would be strung up by his balls and beaten to death with nail-studded rails. I’ve spent the last two days on Twitter, carefully observing the comments and reactions of people about his admission of having molested five minor girls when he was a teenager, and one thing I continually see popping up is the idea that he made a “mistake” and that he shouldn’t be punished for it since all people make mistakes.

I don’t know about you, but I never fondled my sister’s vagina and breasts while she slept, and that’s exactly what Josh Duggar did.  He crept into his sisters’ bedroom while they slept, fondled their genitals, then crept back out.  His youngest victim was 4 years old at the time.  Since he only had five sisters at the time this occurred, if you read the police report and look at the ages, you’ll know precisely who they were, but I won’t name them here because they don’t need to be victimized any more than they have been.  Nothing Josh Duggar did was a “mistake,” not even in the loosest possible definition of the world. A mistake would be using sour cream instead of mayo in your tuna salad, or locking your keys in the car.  Serially molesting and fondling your sisters, plus one other minor child (that we know of) is a felony.  Now, why wasn’t Josh Duggar immediately removed from the home and placed into a situation where he could not only get help for his sickness, but also pay for it?

His family covered it up.

His parents sent him to go help build some family friend’s house, and this was after a state trooper gave him a “stern talking to” about why what he did was bad.  This is the same state trooper who is now doing 56 years in the state penitentiary for child pornography charges.  His victims, who were his sisters, were given no counseling, no therapy, and no justice.  They had to continually associate and live with their abuser, knowing nothing would ever be done about it.  Josh’s half-assed apology mentioned how his actions could have ruined his life, but he made no mention of the lives of his victims, and how they were ruined.  Knowing what we know about Bill Gothard and the Quiverfull community, they were more than likely made to feel like their molestation was their own fault, and that they somehow brought it upon themselves.  Women in that community are made to be nothing more than brood mares and chattel, with no bodily autonomy or agency of any kind.  They are made to believe that their sexuality is a sin, and that they are responsible for the sexual desires in men, not the men themselves.  So if they’re raped or abused, they “defrauded” the men who did it to them, rather than the men being at fault.  I can’t fathom what has gone through those girls’ minds over the years, but it makes me feel terrifically sorry for them.  Their homeschooling curriculum even includes a guide on sexual abuse, and one of the sections is labeled “If the abused is not at at fault.”  That clearly means there are times when they believe the abused IS at fault.  Bill Gothard has been embroiled in child sex abuse scandals for years, and the Duggars are neck-deep with this guy.  Who knows how many other Duggar children have been molested and by whom.

We can theorize how much TLC knew about this when they got their show to begin with, but I have to believe they were somewhat aware of it, given the first reports about this were made in 2006, two years before their show started.  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sold their daughters out for money, knowing if any of this was made public, their cash cow would shrivel up and die.  How depraved and monstrous is that?  How can anyone support these people?

One can only hope that this gets these disgusting, predatory people out of the public consciousness for good, and that the five older daughters use this as an opportunity to get the counseling they so sorely need to help them process what Josh Duggar did to them.


Tell me what you think!

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