There are things you know, and there are things you’ll *never* know.

I manage my online privacy pretty well, I think.  I never use my full name, I don’t give out my address or phone number, and on most message boards I post on, I speak only in generalities about where I live, such as mentioning only the state or just the part of the state my house resides in.  I certainly never discuss any details about online banking and what site I use for it, and I don’t reveal of any that information about anyone else I live with either.  One of the main reasons I don’t use my full name is that I have my resume posted on several job sites, which aids in my employment search, and if people knew my last name, they’d be able to search for that resume and get not only my business e-mail address, but my home phone number, cell phone number, and home address.  I have enough problems with telemarketers as it is, I don’t need to add heavy breathing fun seekers (thank you, George) to the list.  I have uploaded my picture online, for sites like Twitter, Disqus, and WordPress, but it’s just a headshot, and it doesn’t give away any identifying information about me.  It could have been taken in a Starbucks for all anyone knows.  I also don’t reveal much, if anything, about my personal life.  Not that I have a personal life, but you know what I mean.

I talk about my family online sometimes, but I don’t mention anything specific about them, just their first names if applicable.  I guard their privacy as carefully as I guard my own.



  1. passion through poetry · May 30, 2015

    Very wise. I think I’ve gone too public disclosing my full name, but don’t feel that strongly about it too change. I like my poetry, if someone had to ask me about it I’d point them to it.


    • Beth · May 31, 2015

      The other reason I don’t divulge my last name online is that is quite ethnic, not something boring like Smith, Jones, or Johnson, and I took enough crap as a kid over it (it’s spelled funny, it sounds funny), that I don’t need grown adults giving me shit over it as well. If it wouldn’t break my dad’s heart, I’d change it by deed poll to another last name, one that is common in our family but yet doesn’t inspire mockery.

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      • passion through poetry · May 31, 2015

        I’m sorry to hear about your name. Maybe one day you can have it changed when it wouldn’t cause hurt?


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