Overshare Bear

Why do some people pick public places for their most salacious, licentious conversations?  I’m not a prude, so it’s not like I’m ever grossed out or offended or insulted, but I can fill up both hands with the number of times I’ve overheard complete strangers talking about hardcore sex stuff when in public.  Everything from the size of a guy’s tallywhacker to favorite positions to the eternal conundrum of “spit vs. swallow”……it’s really rather amusing, I think, as opposed to disturbing.  I mentioned before in a blog post some time last year about overhearing a couple of teenage girls engaging in this kind of ribald conversation, and I think that still wins as one of the few conversations I wish I’d never overheard, because in that instance there really is something gross about 15-year-old girls discussing the intricacies of vaginal vs. anal sex.  Grown adult women….you just chuckle and move on, but teenage girls?  Again, I’m no prude, but when I was 15, the girl talk I had with my friends wasn’t centered around what kind of lube helps the guy’s wing-wang get in our butts easier.  Maybe I’m just weird, I don’t know.  One of the funniest conversations like that I overheard however was one-sided in the sense that one of the parties was on the phone, so I only caught half of it, but it sounded like they were talking the other person through something, and it was hysterical to hear them keep saying, “No….over there.  There.  Not there.  A little further.  No, not that far.”  I didn’t know if it was the world’s most boring phone sex or if they were directing workmen positioning furniture, but it was great.



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